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Ange Greig Monday, November 17, 2014 Uncategorized (32)


The first event for Conversely was a huge success, with fantastic feedback from all those who attended. Ida Lichter spoke eloquently about the current conflict in the Middle East, giving us a great overview of the different groups, and why they are fighting.  She spoke about the history behind it, as well as what the future holds, and then went on to share with us some of the inspiring women’s stories from her book, Muslim Women Reformers.

Everyone commented on how much they had learnt, and how it had inspired them to find out more about this very complex topic.  If you missed the event, and would like to know more, click here:  Ida Lichter’s powerpoint presentation for an overview.

We’d like to thank Damien Cooley and Paul Millett from Cooley’s Auctions for letting us use their beautiful auction room – it was the perfect space for Conversely, and we very much appreciate being able to use it.

Thanks also to Giuseppe Alvaro from Alvaro Brothers builders, for building and donating Conversely’s very professional looking stage.

Tickets for our next event with Christine Forster will go on sale in late January.  Keep an eye on your inbox so you don’t miss out.


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