NORWICH, CT It took up ownership of an

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NORWICH, CT It took up ownership of an eight unit apartment house on Laurel Hill. The house had to be condemned by the health department and building inspector after a massive sewage leak was discovered.”It was a cheap place to get into and they asked no ifs, ands or questions about anything,” said Lenny Bermudez, a tenant.Bermudez said unhealthy fumes came up through the basement from the leak.”Dealing with these people, nothing was ever getting done,” he said.According to city ordinance, nothing would get done until taxes are paid.The tax collector said Carp Realty owed $4,544.07 in tax and interest for six months.The city clerk office said the company is owned by Domenic Carpionato.Friday, someone from Carp Realty went to get repair permits for the condemned house. Officials said they told that representative that wouldn happen until the taxes are paid.Eyewitness News learned that Carp Realty had a property in Dayville that was foreclosed upon.The property on 16 18 Pleasant Street was listed by the secretary of the state office as the address for Carpionato office.However, all Eyewitness News found was more apartment units and tenants who said they were anxious to move out.They said the property was foreclosed upon in February, two weeks before the Laurel Hill property was condemned in Norwich.Carpionato did not answer any phone calls Friday.

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