Stephen Loosley draws the crowds again.

Ange Greig Friday, September 16, 2016 Uncategorized (32)


We had such awesome feedback after Stephen Loosley came to talk to us back in April, with people begging us to get him back again, so he very kindly agreed to give up more of his time to help us understand the mystery that is the US election.  We were delighted to have him back, as he is clearly the leading commentator in Australia on this topic.

The backlash against the establishment has led to us having two of the most unpopular candidates since the 1880’s in Trump and Clinton, creating quite the conundrum for voters.  Stephen talked us through the electoral college, the swing states that will be in play over the coming weeks, and the incredible and unexpected rise of Donald Trump.  Thankfully, Stephen predicts that Hillary will win this election – the alternative is just too frightening.

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